Female Friendship

We’ve stayed in touch so well since we worked together!

La-Donia and I were in the midst of what has become our nearly daily phone date, lasting anywhere from an hour to 5 minutes, depending on her 1 year old daughter Eleanor’s mood. Today was somewhere in the middle; Eleanor was antsy and wanted to go outside, but then got cold and wanted to eat, but then was teething and just wanted to cuddle with mom. La-Donia and I have gotten used to the fractured phone call, constantly interrupted by her precocious daughter wanting to show us something new.

La-Donia and I met on the 2013 Virginia Lieutenant Governor’s race, a full year before she got pregnant. We haven’t lived less than an 5 hour drive away from one another ever since (she moved to Cincinnati for her husband’s job, I stayed in DC for a bit before moving to Chicago for grad school), but we’ve somehow managed to stay close. Now that she’s a new mom (her daughter turned 1 year old in January), we talk less about politics and more about her daughter’s new tricks, but I still very much value our regular chats. I know when I’ve had a rough day or week, I can call and just rant to her, and vice versa.

There have been a string of awesome stories about female friendship this week that have really resonated with me:

My female friendships were replenishing, and their salubrious effect expanded into other layers of my life: They made things I yearned for, like better work, fairer remuneration, increased self-assurance and even just fun, seem more attainable.

I’m grateful to have a slew of female friends, including La-Donia, surrounding me and encouraging me all of the time. Friends that I know will be there for me through all the ups and downs that will inevitably keep coming as we grow up. ❤



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