Meet Data the Beta Fish

I always wanted a pet growing up. Mostly because it seemed like everyone else had one. But I am allergic to cats, and my dad is allergic to dogs, so it wasn’t in the cards for me.

Enter Data the Beta Fish.

I’m in NYC for a whirlwind trip and staying in the Soho Grand Hotel. When I was Googling them after I made the booking a few weeks ago, I was amused to discover that I could request a complimentary pet fish. Of course I had to request one. It was just too ridiculous of an offering to pass up.

Data and I have now known each other for just about 2 hours. He likes hiding in the corner behind a rock. He’ll randomly spazz out and twirl in circles and throw rocks in the air. And he’s not a fan of people. Seems I named him well!



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